Getting Started with Zoom

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Connecting to a Program

Attend a library program with us online! You can browse offerings here. You will receive an email with the Zoom invitation three hours before the program begins. If you're new to Zoom, watch this step-by-step tutorial on registering for and joining a library Zoom program.

With your emailed Zoom invitation, you have everything you need to connect to a Zoom program hosted through Indian Prairie Public Library. Let's take a look at the invitation and see what our options are. The Zoom lingo calls our programs meetings, so in our instructions, we will refer to programs as meetings. 

In the example to the right, we see we can connect to the meeting in three ways. The first is to connect through the web, in either the Zoom app that you have downloaded, or though a browser. The second option is useful if you are using your smart phone to connect. By tapping your choice of number, your phone will dial into the Zoom and input your meeting information automatically. The third option to connect we see in the example is one where you dial into the Zoom number of your choice and then enter in the meeting ID manually.



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Connecting with the Zoom App

When connecting, it's important to note that you do not have to make an account with Zoom. You will be prompted to download the app, which will streamline the experience for you and is free. If you want to download the Zoom App make sure you only do it from their official site. (If Zoom's official page put you in the Google Play app store or the Apple app store thats ok. )

If you click on the link in the invitation, and launch it in the Zoom app, you will be presented with a series of options. Note that its generally easier to connect though your computer's audio, but if you have some trouble with your computer's speakers, you can call into the meeting for the audio. You can do this by selecting the Phone Call tab in the example.

You can also connect to the meeting by opening the Zoom app, clicking Join a Meeting and then entering in the meeting ID. Note that you don't have to Sign in.



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Connecting Through Your Browser

If you would prefer to force the meeting to open in your browser without the app, you can. In the window that prompts you to open the meeting in, click Cancel, then click the Click Here link to re-prompt, and Cancel again. You will now see a link at the bottom of your browser to join from your browser, and you click that.

If you are early to the meeting you may be told that the meeting hasn't started yet. Give a moment to allow Indian Prairie Public staff the time start the meeting. If you are waiting for a prolonged time, make sure you have clicked on the correct Zoom invitation.


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Meeting Room Functions

We are in our meeting; let's take a look around! If you connected though a phone call, your options will be very limited and straightforward. When we connect though the app or browser, there are six major points of interest that we will cover.

  1. We have our Microphone options in the bottom-left of the screen. We can Mute and Unmute here, and the Space-bar is also the default push-to-talk key (although this only works when the Zoom app is focused, not when it is running in the background and you have other windows active). The chevron next to the microphone will give you different audio options, and is a good place to start if you have trouble with your microphone.
  2. These are our Video options. Like the microphone, you can toggle your webcam on and off. If you have multiple video options to choose from, you will also see a chevron next to the video button you can access those through.
  3. The Participant button toggles the right hand participant frame on and off, and gives you the current count of how many people are in the room. In the example we see the frame is toggled on.
  4. The Screen Share button will share your desktop or window with the other participants.
  5. The Chat button toggles the right hand chat frame. When chatting, you can select to chat with everyone or a select participant. In the example we see the frame is toggled on.
  6. When you want to Leave the Meeting, click the button in the right hand side of the screen.