November is a month when many people take time to reflect and give thanks, so we asked:

Are you thankful for the library? If so, tell us why!

Listed below are the responses we've received to this month's Share Your Story question. 

Upon entering this library, I immediately feel like part of a very good community of readers and learners, young and old. This is the most comfortable and welcoming library. 

Candace Thomas, Willowbrook

This is a well planned and well stocked library. There is a plethora of materials, and a staff that goes over and beyond to locate what a patron needs and wants. There is always someone, too, to solve those pesky electronic issues for this senior. It's a great library! Thank you!  

Helene Cox, Willowbrook

I appreciate everything inside the library, all the materials and the staff, but I am very thankful for the physical structure. The building is very timeless, looking very contemporary today just as when it was built. I drove by the building a few weeks ago and saw it framed by the matching maple trees and felt so proud being a patron. I remember my children doing story time in the old storefront. I always enjoy my time there.  

Wynnette Moneka, Clarendon Hills

This place is so relaxing and convenient. Everything you need to research is right here. Access to computers and the internet. I love everything about it.  

Wenona Thornton, Willowbrook

The staff as a whole who help those who use the library to become more knowledgeable. I have taken classes and have been helped to become more proficient with my computer. Thanks to our library staff!  

Bill McKenna, Darien

The staff is outstanding! Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you.  

Christine Delia, Clarendon Hills

A library that has such a helpful and friendly staff as well as a great selection of books, movies, and audio. A great place to relax and unwind.  

Isabel Rodriguez, Willowbrook

My experience at IPPL inspired me to apply for and get a job I love at Downers Grove Library!  

Emily Kiang, Willowbrook

The library is so convenient, I can have books put on hold from another library, the hours are convenient, and the staff is helpful and knowledgeable.  

Susan Kwilas, Burr Ridge

I am grateful for the great library we have. I can reserve books and movies online and check them out without traveling too far.
The Indian Prairie Library is indispensable in my life.  

Marcia Hadad, Darien

The library for allowing people like myself who are home bound due to various disabilities to still use the library via the internet, I can check out books, magazines and even videos. So my fingers and feet do not work as well as they used to. I can still read and my library provides the means that I can still read.  

Walter Schillinger, Darien 

The selection of items (books, videos, and periodicals) available for checkout. Also, the staff is more than accommodating. Keep up the GOOD WORK!  

R. Joseph McLaughlin, Burr Ridge

I pay an out of district fee for the privilege of using the Indian Prairie Library. It is money well spent. Years ago my children participated in the summer reading programs. I enjoy having access to new books, both fiction and non fiction, and appreciate the inter-library loan program. In addition my husband and I have enjoyed the programs available now that we are seniors!  

Pam Huang, Burr Ridge 

My family and I are very fortunate and thankful for the wonderful services and support from this library. I enjoy every moment I spend here, whether indoors or outdoors (in its garden and reading corner). Thanks to the hardworking, friendly and courteous staff. Thank you.  

Taz Virani, Darien

All the resources, different programs toddlers and adult, community programs, and the friendly hardworking superb team of people. Love this place. Thank you  

Trupti Gheewala, Willowbrook

I am very thankful for the Zinio magazine checkout. What a great site! I use my small iPad when traveling and before going I download many selections to read in the car or at the hotel. No more scouting the racks in the lobby. Plus when you're a senior, the savings are fantastic!  

Sue Jandak, Willowbrook

The librarians and their helpful attitudes and I love the eBooks on the website. You have an awesome facility that my grandchildren adore. Thank you.  

Lorna Schutz, Darien

The courteous and pleasant staff. Also for all IPPL has to offer. Wishing every one associated with the library A Healthy and Happy Holidays! Thank You, John Rapciak Keep the faith!

John Rapciak, Darien

The library staff is great! They are helpful, positive and knowledgeable. Anytime I need a book all I have to do is ask. If IPPL doesn't have it, they will make sure they can get if from another library. I love IPPL!!!!  

Suzanne Berglund, Willowbrook

The free cds of movies I borrow and the books I borrow for my sister in law who lives with us. We are retirees and my sister has cancer so with books and cds, we are not idle and it keeps us mentally alert. I thank also all the library staff, they are wonderful, awesome, friendly and very helpful. God bless each and everyone of you.  

Aida Novales, Willowbrook 

Everything about IPPL! It truly is the ideal library in every way.  

Taylor Frawley, Willowbrook

I am thankful that IPPL supports Literacy DuPage, which is an organization I volunteer in. I tutor my students at your library in the small conference rooms you make available. You also have an extensive ESL section which I use for planning my lessons. You also work with Literacy DuPage to provide space for our Saturday morning conversation groups. On behalf of Literacy DuPage and all our students...Thank you IPPL!  

Roberta Vinyard, Willowbrook

I love to read, so am thankful for the library full of books and the rentals for the best-sellers.  

Judy Hendricks, Willowbrook

I'm thankful for IPPL because it so completely meets my reading, information gathering, and video entertainment needs. The staff is consistently courteous and very responsive to requests.  

Nicholas Darien, Darien

We come to the library at least once a week, and our older son picks anywhere from 20-30 books and a few movies. He is only 3, but has a profound enjoyment for reading. And of course, he always has to make a stop in the play area. It takes a village to raise a child, and IPPL plays a pivotal role in that village. To have such a wonderful place in the community to bring our kids where they can play, explore, and grow is worth more to us than words can explain. We can't wait to further explore all the things IPPL has to offer as our kids grow!  

Corinna Auten, Willowbrook 

I am thankful for the overall environment that IPPL offers. It is a great learning community that we should all be very proud of. I also think that the staff does a great job and I am thankful that they go out of their way to be helpful to all the patrons.  

Ray Jablonski, Darien

Everyone is so helpful. Love the website and also being able to put books on hold for pickup. I had a bad fall in April and when I got home in May the only thing I enjoyed was reading so being able to go online and select books was great.  

Louise Schilling, Willowbrook

All the wonderfully helpful and cheerful people who work at IPPL.

Judith Doychak, Darien

All the wonderful staff who have worked diligently in obtaining all the volumes I need from national and local inter-library loan; you prepared me for my trip to Ireland, where I am now.  

Nancy Horn, Willowbrook

All the wonderful and unique classes provided for children and adults to learn new things and enrich our lives!  

Sneha Patalia, Darien

The nice staff they have. They always go out of their way for my daughter or myself when we need help in the library or over the phone. Thank you. 

Blanca Puerta, Willowbrook

The Teen and Youth Department for lighting up my summers with the summer reading program and providing so many amazing programs for the youths in the district.  

Rucha Patel, Darien

You have great books, great movies, and everyone there is very helpful in every way. I have always liked the library, and Indian Prairie is one of the best. Take care and God Bless,  

William DeLeshe, Darien

My family campaigned for our library by going door to door when we first moved to Darien about 35 years ago. We are so proud of our library. Although the architectural design adds class to our community, it is the sense of community created by the helpful, creative and knowledgeable staff that makes it so amazing.  

Janet Rivett, Darien

Everything that the library has offered me since I've been in elementary school!

I remember the awesome prizes and coloring the pages for the summer reading program, going through the teen and young adult section when it was brand new and marveling at all the options, and having the librarians help me find all the necessary ACT, GRE, and DTR practice test books I could ever need!

Thank you guys so much for all the help and fun you've given me throughout life, this place is seriously the best. :)  

Linda Ziolkowski, Willowbrook

I am thankful that Indian Prairie Library is in the school district where I teach. I love working with the Indian Prairie staff on projects and the library has the best resources ever for our students. Thank you!

Diane Nelson, Darien 

I am thankful for IPPL’s helpful staff, especially your reference librarians, hours that you are open, and how close it is to my home, small meeting rooms and subscription databases, and selection of adult and technology programs.

Sandra Trapp, Burr Ridge

I'm thankful for IPPL because its a friendly and inviting place. There is a broad range of information and services for this community.

Omar Martin, Westmont

I am thankful for all the books and videos in the library. But I am even more thankful for all the clubs, programs, and helpers at the library.

Krishangi Luthra, Willowbrook

Some comments have been edited slightly for spelling and grammar.