The Village of Willowbrook has come a long way in its 50 years. The evolution of Village Hall captures this growth. If you’ve read the entry “First Mayor Anton “Tony” Borse,” then you know that from 1960 to 1965 the Village Board met at 508 Ridgemoor—the Borse residence. Eventually, the Village offices moved out of the Borses’ basement to a brick bungalow near 72nd and Madison Street in unincorporated Hinsdale.

Thanks to Debbie Hahn of the Willowbrook Police Department who shared this interesting history of the first Village Hall and the Police Department:

The first Village Hall was an old brick bungalow near 72nd Street and Madison Street in unincorporated Hinsdale, Illinois. The offices were on the first floor of the house and the file room for the Village files was the bath tub. The Police Department was in the basement of the house and one of the basement posts was used to handcuff prisoners to it. If the Police were called out on an emergency, they would yell and the office staff would have to bend over so that the officer can jump over them to get out the door in a quick manner.

The Village Hall, as it stands today, has been expanded four times. The Administration offices, police department, parks department and public works were all housed in the new building. The front used to be where the employee kitchen currently is. The police department took up an area toward the northwest corner of the building, separated from the general office area by a heavy metal door. This area held offices for the chief of police, a detective, a small patrol room, an office which was shared by the police secretaries and included the evidence closet. Prisoners were kept in a locked cell which now is used as a supply closet. Finger printing and processing was completed in the common area by these offices.

In 1981, the Village Hall was expanded to include a council chamber, lobby and a new police department. Years later the police department was expanded to include more offices and now it houses a men’s and women’s locker room, an evidence locker, updated cells and holding area, interview rooms and a patrol room.

The public works department included several garage bays and a salt shed in the back of the village hall. In 2009, a new Public Works garage and salt dome were constructed on the property near the Village’s standpipe on Willowbrook Centre Parkway. The former public works area is being utilized for onsite record storage. When the Village Hall was expanded to include a new police department, the parks and recreation department was able to utilize its old space.

Reprinted from the Preface of 1960-2010 50th Anniversary Commemorate and Celebrate.