On December 30, 1956, 13 year-old Patricia and 15 year-old Barbara Grimes left their Chicago home to view Love Me Tender at the Brighton Theater. The sisters never returned home–their bodies were found 25 days later on January 22 in what is now Burr Ridge. Forensic evidence indicated that the girls were most likely murdered elsewhere and their bodies were taken to what was then a rural area east of the intersection of County Line and German Church roads.

Although Edward “Bennie” Bedwell confessed to the murders, the case against him fell apart when his so-called accomplice was in jail at the time of the murder. [Chicago’s Most Baffling Crime by Ed Baumann]. Read “Girls’ Murders Still Unsolved After 50 Years” by Jennifer Duda, The Doings December 28, 2006, page 3 to learn more about this mysterious cold case.